Story telling: The oldest and most approved way of communication

With al the current media the stream of information is immense. And the more information we get, the bigger is the need of certainty. Animation is an ideal way to secure a quicker overview on huge amounts of information and to explain complex matters. Hereby a clean story is of big interest. Story telling is the base of all kind of communication, and therefore also of each animation.
A story is the carrier for further messages. The context makes it possible to remember diverse information longer. Another extra advantage of an animation: It can be easily spread on social media, and therefore can reach a bigger public.

ABN AMRO HR department

ABN Amro Bank

Introduction HR compartment

Yep animation

The Yepp bike trailer

The installation manual

Liander animation


The smart meter animation

Foundation OOM animation

Foundation OOM

The Training pool in 29 seconds

BUUV join us animation


The introduction of BUUV

GVB Amsterdam

Code of conducts for the travellers

Booking workplace

Ergonomic tips for the employers

RET animation


An adjusted version

DIVV services

DIVV Amsterdam

All 32 disciplines of the service

Mind 2 Care animation


Questionnaire for pregnant women

Prevent bike theft

City The Hague

How to prevent bike theft