Not said from above, but a mirror for the traveler: ‘do I want to be like this’?

The GVB Amsterdam campagne

On all stations for metro, tram and bus are hanging posters with illustrated code of conducts. These point out to the travellers from all over the world how they should behave on the stations and in the bus, tram and metro. The illustrations are greatly overstated: it is a proven way to reach people: by giving the message not in authoritarian way but to show in a right laughable and hilarious way the even more asocial and indecent traveller. 
Graphic design: EdenSpiekermann.

GVB Code of conducts

The GVB wants to communicate the code of conduct with their travellers; not from above but in a relaxed personal and human way. The characters in the animation are common and have a pleasant anonymity.
The animations are shown on screens in tram, metro and bus and are also used in posters on the platform. 

Direction, storyboard and artwork: Pictomotion, Sound: Jesse Koolhaas, Animation: Paul Kempe