Electricitycompany Liander

Client Liander needed to communicate the placement of a new generation gas- and electricity meter, the so called ‘smart meter’, with the public. In the same time this big news needed to be shared with all employers of the company in a compact and clear way. Therefore we produced 2 different versions: one for the big public and one for the employers with all technical content assembled as factsheets at the end of the animation.

Direction, storyboard and artwork: Pictomotion, concept and project management: Bureau 230V, editorial: Berber Paarlberg, animation: Paul Kempe, Sound: Freshbeat.

The smart meter: To inform more than 3 million households and companies!

Electricity as the red thread

The red thread in the animation is the electricity wire: a very handy tool to visualise the different topics and to create cohesion. To us this is pureblood animation: bringing to life a lifeless object (the wire) - in an exciting and creative way.