Animation for RET

This animation is presented in the beginning and end of an internal pitch. Because the animation has privacy sensitive content, our client does not want to be mentioned by name. Understandable: therefore colour and names are conceptional.

The animation visualises in two parts how a certain facility can be expanded to contravene the decrease in clients.

Like in the animation the pitch had a Happy Ending: pitch won!

The animation starts in total darkness, reflecting the gloomy beginning of the film; the decrease of clients. A start like this is ideal; the tone is set, the animation pulls the attention of the public and gives the speakers some time to prepare for their story. The effect of the dark beginning and the happy end worked out as planned: the pitch was won!

A pencil as animation-trick

We have worked with a pencil which does draw the visuals, but also can erase something here and there: handy for catching the attention of the viewer for specific details and to lead his eyes. Also other content as schemes, facts and figures were easily integrated in the animation and story by using the the pencil as a style element.