An image says more

An illustration can adopt into any desirable character and therefore is broadly useful to provide textual content with visual clarity. Also an illustration can simplify complicated matters or synthesis it.
Besides - an illustration is the element of an article which catches the eye the most and also invites the reader to read.

Illustrations relativise, inform, dare and activate the reader to think. More so than a photograph, an illustration is able to lead the perception and such contributes in passing on the story.

A sketch already shows whether the idea will communicate

Besides any desirable character also the style is adaptable on any needs. The usage of an illustration is a powerful support of visual identity and recognisability.

cartoon, parents, school, children

VO Magazine


Municipality Clean Knowledge centre

Municipality Clean

Knowledge centre

art education children for Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam

Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam

Art Education books for children

OHS, safety, post


52 illustrations for OHS calendar

game for school managers

CPS Education development

A game for school managers

code of conduct, public transport, travellers

GVB Amsterdam

Code of conducts for travellers

taxes, consumers fund, tax report

Consumers bond

We can make it more fun

city services, maintenance, infrastructure

DIVV Amsterdam

Overview of all DIVV services

cartoon, pension, pension fund

Foundation Pensionfonds IBM NL

Series of illustrations

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City of Zwolle

Moving cards