The anniversary year of SPIN

SPIN (a pension fund) is existing for 25 years. For the newsletter ‘Spinfo’ (designed by Neon designers) we created a series of illustrations for the company history and development of the pension fund over the years. To visualise the abstract world of money in an original and exciting way, we used the coconut and nautical world as a metaphor, to picture every ‘step on the way’ with an interesting twist.

Illustrations for SPIN

Since a few years now the illustrations are prominently present in all sorts of applications of SPIN. The target group is the employers of SPIN and the people who now have reached the retirement age. For SPIN this style of illustration is a solution to how ‘the tone of voice’ has to be towards their members. In this way SPIN can put the (mostly delicate) administrative topics into the spotlight with a mild and pleasant form of humour.