OHS calendar for PostNL

A special assignment for PostNL, the OHS calendars (OHS = occupational health and safety management system). About all OHS related subjects are illustrated in an instructive and playful way. Sometimes a little overstated, but therefore especially recognisable.
At PostNL there are working a big variety of nationalities and cultures, which all need to understand the Do’s and Don’t’s of OHS. 

Illustration is therefore very suitable for this topic and application. You can easily overstate, visualise situations comical with a good portion of humour and so make it recognisable and memorable.
That in general works well: no obligatory instructions from ‘above’, but to show where the dangers are and to make aware.

Not unimportant here: how more laughable a situation or character is in the illustration, the better the audience feels.

The calendars have been a success over the years and the illustrations have been also used in trainings.
The graphic design is done by Hollands Lof.