Make complex matters accessible

The pressure increases more and more on the fast processing of complicated information. We barely get the time to get grip on everything which comes to us.
Infographics are the answer to this problem. An infographic is a visual explanation of a story. A visual instruction, which provides structure and synopsis in big amounts of digital information.

The infographic has developed in the past years to become an autonomous communication tool, and constantly gets a more prominent role in digital media. Pictomotion also provides the possibility to animate infographics and thereby to pass on your message even better. 

public flyer, corporate, floor map

Van Gogh Museum

Floor map for public flyer

pension, obligations, shares

Moneyguide pension funds

Pension funds take more risk

instruction, hotel, booking

Jes online booking

How easy it can be

education, school, school books, infographic

Noordhoff Publishers

Educational infographics

parking, european parking rates


European parking rates

tv guide, documentary, cleaning, instruction

VPRO TV guide

The infographic illustration

world map, dangerous countries

World Map

Dangerous areas

profit percentage, interest, guarantee product

Moneyguide guarantee product

The prognoses per guarantee product

Hoogwatergeul Heerde Wapenveld, Ijssel


Serious cartography

level, groundwater, water management

Waterbalance on field scale

Model for Wageningen UR