The infographic illustration

For our client VPRO TV Guide we have made quiet a number of illustrations for cover and inside magazine. A special category, which we found, is the 'infographic illustration': An illustration in instruction style.
The story can be told in a funny way just by putting it in the form of an instruction. For an article about the documentary 'How clean is your house?', we distinctly have made a small action very big. And because the media is television it was nice to use a TV as the centre of the story.

Another TV program series, 'Hello doctor', was meant to avoid misunderstandings for immigrants, regarding a doctor's visit and how Dutch healthcare works, by explaining the importance of appointments and showing the usual manners.
For the first episode, the 'visit to the general practitioner', we have made this info graphical illustration, with a wink through an 'accentuated' and overstated instruction on how to prepare for your doctors visit.