A small but powerful communicator

A pictogram is always part of a bigger whole. If it concerns a website button, it is integrated in the corporate identity.
A pictogram which is displayed in a hospital or airport, is part of a whole signage system. However small a pictogram is, it fulfils a very important function in the communication and therefore in the appearance of a company or place.

A good pictogram transcends language and has to be universal

Pictograms are in all possible ways usable and contribute – especially when part of a series with mutual uniformity – a lot to the recognisability of a brand or company.

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Van Gogh Museum

Pictograms for a broad public

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Eco stamps

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Corporate icons

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Corporate icon series

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Spaarne Gasthuis hospitals

Series of pictograms

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Smart Services

Icons university faculties

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Online IT Magazine

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County Noorth Holland

Corporate icons

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Tergooi Hospital

A medical icon set