Technical: toolkit

A good and solid series of icons is based on a number of rules/agreements. For example concerning usage of colour, line thickness and typography. All characteristics together define the style of the series of icons. In this series for PostNL, these are the usage of a line to visualise the topic, a consistent line thickness in light grey and a specific radius to construct the rounding. A special rule is the possibility to use three types of line points, see drawing to the right. How sharper the angle in which two lines cross, how sharper the end point of the line.  

Icon style for PostNL

A series corporate icons for PostNL. Developed in cooperation with VBAT, who had developed the first series of icons. Stepping in a process like this is also a way. Here our part is the choice for the image for each topic and the creation. Never the less nice to contribute to build a solid series.