Delft blue

All the colours are shades of (and familiar to) the typical 'Delft blue' style, for a special Dutch feeling. Therefor the Delft tile can not be missing: The hall cabinets in the entrance hall got their own special design of a wall paper of 6 different contemporary tiles, in which a few stories and situations from the panorama life cycle are repeated. A wink to the old and familiar, but in a new unique form.

Wall Design SPIN

By our client Pension Fund SPIN we were asked to think about a wall design for their two conference rooms and the entrance hall. The wish was to visualise a life cycle, a life structure and building up a life and a pension, and all of that with a 'Dutch' touch. For the 2 conference rooms we have created a big panorama of  a life cycle from young to old, with all different aspects of life, like studying, working life, domesticity, recreation and retirement.
As the 2 rooms are situated next to each other, only separated by glass doors and walls and visual in the same time, the wall design runs along both walls from left to right.